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Where Can Dermal Fillers Be Used?-Part One

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Dermal fillers are now a popular non-surgical cosmetic method. Dermal fillers can lift facial skin, fill fine lines, and provide extra volume where you want. So do you know which parts of our body can be applied to dermal fillers?

1. Jawline fillers

A sharper jawline can restore a more youthful appearance and slim the face. Jawline fillers allow you to reshape the edge of the face without undergoing surgery or taking on excessive risk. People often receive jaw fillers injections to reverse signs of aging, reduce jowls or sagging skin from recent weight loss, or simply to add more definition to their chins. By using jawline fillers, you can create a smoother facial contour between the ear and chin.

2. Chin fillers

Some people may want to change a weak or undefined chin. By enhancing the chin with chin fillers, you can create a stronger facial appearance that matches the image you want to project into the world. Chin fillers can also be used for a less intuitive purpose, for example, to reduce the appearance of a large nose. While fillers cannot directly reduce your nose size, they can add volume in the lower area of the face which will offset and balance an overbearing nose projection. The final effect is the appearance of a smaller nose.

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3. Lip fillers

People found that plump, pillowy lips to be extremely attractive. So lip fillers are a non-surgical option for patients who would like to achieve a lasting plush lip appearance without undergoing a somewhat risky surgical procedure. There are many hyaluronic acid fillers designed for lips, they can create slightly different appearances. Lip fillers wear off safely and naturally over time, usually in 6 months to a year. When you are making changes to your lip shape, it is vital that you work with an experienced medical professional. Most medical professionals also use specialized techniques to ensure the lips are filled as symmetrically as possible.

4. Cheek fillers

Younger and older people both enjoy an enhanced cheek appearance. For aging patients who have lost substantial volume in the cheeks, injecting dermal fillers into the midface and cheek region can restore that lost volume and recreate a more youthful appearance. For younger patients, cheek contouring can create the perfect cheek appearance with no need for a bronzer. However, an incorrect injection of cheek fillers can lead to an overly forward-projecting face, so it is important to be careful when you choose your provider!

The above are some parts that can be applied with dermal filling. In our next article, we will introduce more parts.


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