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Questions About Forehead Filler

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With people's pursuit of beauty, people pay more and more attention to the perfection of various parts of the body, and the forehead is a very important part as it occupies 1/3 of our face. However, it is often neglected because most people don't realize its natural aging course and how important it is to make you look more beautiful.

In fact, in order to make our forehead look better, we can try forehead fillers. Forehead fillers are used to fill forehead depressions or increase protrusions to create a better shape, or to fill any depressions that appear with age. Most people use a decrease in forehead volume as a sign of aging, usually a depression in the center of the area above the eyebrows. But some people may be born with a relatively flat forehead. So to solve this problem, you can receive forehead fillers injections.

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler (9)

Especially for Asians, their foreheads are flatter, making their faces less prominent. So it will be a good idea to inject the forehead filler to make the forehead look full and have a more 3D appearance. There are bones and fat pads in the forehead which also undergo volume loss due to aging like the rest of the face, which gives the forehead a more hollow appearance. As a result, the muscles of the forehead lose support, hyper-contract and forms wrinkles. By replacing the volume lost with fillers, it offers better support to the muscles.

Of course, there will be some risks. The forehead is a special area with rich vascular supplies and nerves. It is a high-risk area for vascular occlusions, blindness and cerebrovascular accidents. However, there are many strategies and techniques that we put in place to minimize the risks. So only advanced and experienced injectors are recommended to perform forehead fillers, and make sure there is a professional person to do this for you.

Like most filler procedures, bruising and swelling. Which can be managed. After injection, you should avoid pressure over the area injected to help fillers to set. And trying to sleep facing up also helps.

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