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In 1980s, young Mr. Zhang Yugao entered Fudan University to study Biopharmaceutics. During the time of studing doctor’s degree, he get in contact with Sodium Hyaluronate and devoted great interest in this substance. After making intensive study of Sodium Hyaluroniate, he found that this body-owned substance is widely present in tissues such as skin, eyes, joints, and umbilical cord, and is closely related to health. It also has the properties of maintaining skin moisture, nourishing the skin, and anti-aging.


After 20 years study of Sodium Hyaluronate, Dr. Zhang Yugao and his team already has a professional experience and strong innovative research & development capacity. In the year of 2016, Tiera Biotechnology was established in Changzhou city with a total investment of 3 millions.


Tiera Biotechnology is focused on Aesthetic and skincare products since its establishment. And the company has won the favor of many clients with its excellent product quality. And in the year of 2017, Tiera Biotechnology launched its own brand: RENOLURE.  So far, Tiera has established stable business relationship with distributors in more than 100 countries, and has signed exclusive distribution agreement with distributors in more than 30 countries,  Serving 1,000+ internationally renowned clinics, so that 1,000,000+ beauty lovers can have a better self because of RENOLURE.


In the past few years, Tiera Biotechnology has not only gained high market recognition and good reputation in the industry, but also has reached a higher level in terms of products and research and development capabilities. In a 48-week clinical study of single-blind pairing design, Renolure hyaluronic acid dermal filler not only can compete with similar products of the industry's top brands, but also perform better in terms of durability and subject experience.


We will continue to uphold the principle of quality first and customer first, continue to develop better and safer products, and contribute more to the progress and development of the medical aesthetics industry.