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Things You Need To Know Before Accepting Dermal Fillers-Part Three

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As we talked before some things about dermal fillers, there may still be something you may wonder about dermal fillers, now let’s take a look together.

1. Who should avoid dermal fillers?

There’s no research showing that dermal fillers are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding people, so you may want to hold off if you’re expecting a baby or recently had a child. And here's one more thing to consider: Avoid getting filler right before a teeth cleaning or other dental treatment. These procedures require pressure and stretching of the face that could potentially misplace fillers. You can ask your doctor for their opinion regarding when it’s safe to get any future dental work during your consultation.

2. How much do dermal fillers cost?

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you see a deal for inexpensive filler, be skeptical. Since counterfeit and diluted filler do exist, so ask to see the box and look for a safety seal on it before injection. The price of dermal fillers varies depending on the amount of product needed.

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3. Are dermal fillers permanent?

If you're unhappy with the way filler looks, don't panic, in fact, in most cases, you can have it adjusted. A dermatologist might inject additional filler for balance, or they can dissolve it altogether, depending on the type. The wonderful thing about hyaluronic acid fillers is that there's an enzyme that can be injected into the area to dissolve the product, so if you didn't get the result you want, you can let it go away.

4. How long will the results last?

Since the majority of fillers aren’t permanent, you'll have to keep going back to the doctor’s office if you want to keep the results. After about six months, your body naturally breaks down hyaluronic acid fillers. So, you have to get touch-ups once or twice a year to keep it. However, this is good news if you just want to try fillers once or twice, since the effects will fade away without any long-term risks.

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