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How to Choose a Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers can be used to sculpt the face and restore a natural, youthful look. It is very important to find an injector with an artistic eye combined with skill and experience. Fillers are used to erase wrinkles, plump the lips, add volume to the face and to hide scars caused by acne, surgery and trauma. Fillers do not affect muscle motion or facial expression the way that botulinum toxins do. When fillers are injected properly by a skilled injector, they look very natural and undetectable. 

If you want to get rid of fine lines, choose RENOLURE FINE.

When it comes to correcting fine lines, you need to have a very thin hyaluronic acid filler put very superficially into the line.RENOURE FINE should be a perfect choice. It’s handling characteristics and injectability are a byproduct of its low viscosity, which allows it to be injected superficially in the skin into evenly dispersed areas, filling the tissue underneath and around fine lines.

If you want to make your lips bigger, go with RENOLURE DERM or RENOLURE DEEP.

Anytime you enhance the size or shape of the lips, it’s important that you only have a hyaluronic acid filler injected into them. To augment the lips and add fullness,RENOLURE Derm is the best choice because it gives the softest and most natural feeling in the lips. To treat the edges of the lips and make them crisp, Renolure Derm are great. It also fill in the small cracks you get along the edges of the lips which makes your lipsticker bleed. Renolure Deep can also be used in the lips for those who have more droopy corners because it helps to ‘prop’ them up due to its slightly stiffer nature.

If you want to restore lost volume, have a thicker filler like Renolure Deep or Derm Plus.

Choosing the right filler for volume-related issues really depends on where the problem is on the face and how much volume is needed. In an face that has lost a lot of volume, a filler like RENOLURE DEEP or RENOLURE DERM PLUS is best. Often, We can do a combination of different fillers, like Renolure Derm Plus on the lower face, which usually needs more volume, and something like Renolure Deep on the upper face.

If you have some sagging skin but aren’t ready for surgery, opt for a filler that’s designed to lift.

Sagging skin can somewhat be corrected with filler if there isn’t too much lax skin. When you have sagging skin and you want to lift it, you want to use something like DERMECA SWANYAL. SWANYAL are designed for this purpose and they add back volume, giving the illusion of some lift. 


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