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How Wrinkles Are Formed?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-09      Origin: Site Inquire

Wrinkles are creases, folds, or ridges on people's skin. As people aging, wrinkles will naturally appear. Wrinkles tend to appear on the body parts that receive the most sunlight, such as the face and neck, the back of the hands, and arms.

We all know that wrinkles are a natural part of aging, and they affect everyone. However, many people do not like the appearance of wrinkles. This article will tell you why people have wrinkles, the reasons for wrinkles, and the reasons for increasing wrinkles.


Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. As people get older, their skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic, which means it can't protect themselves from harm. This can cause wrinkles, creases and fine lines on the skin. Facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, or squinting, can cause fine lines and wrinkles on the face. With aging, these wrinkles will deepen.

There are many factors affect the formation of wrinkles, including:

•      sun exposure

•      smoking

•      dehydration

•      some medications

•      environmental and genetic factors

Exposing to the sun or outdoor sports can increase the production of wrinkles. Ultraviolet rays break down the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, which form the connective tissue that supports the skin. As this layer decomposes, the skin becomes more fragile and its elasticity decreases, so the skin begins to sag and wrinkles appear. And dark skin contains more melanin, which can prevent many harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. People who work in the sun are more prone to early wrinkles, so wearing clothing that covers the skin, such as a hat or long sleeves, may delay the development of wrinkles. Frequent smoking will accelerate the aging process of the skin because it will reduce the blood supply to the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, and dry skin is more prone to wrinkles.

Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, we must avoid the occurrence of the above situations. Of course, if you have wrinkles and you want to remove them in a short time, you can try Botox injections or hyaluronic acid injections, or some other wrinkle removal products.


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