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How Do Numbing Creams Work?

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When we receive some aesthetic treatments, such as hyaluronic acid injection, Botox injection, etc., in order to reduce the pain during the process, numbing creams are being applied, so do you know how the numbing creams work?

Actually, based on the way numbing creams work, they can be categorized into three broad types which are as follows.

1. Nerve deadeners

These kinds of numbing creams can prevent the nerves from registering pain and are effective in numbing the skin surface. They contain chemicals such as Lidocaine which don’t sink below the skin surface.

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2. Nerve blockers

These kinds of numbing creams containing Tetracaine and Benzocaine as their main ingredient lower the degree of pain signals. The operator can apply these creams during the procedure itself and nerve deadeners can be used with them to increase the effect.

3. Vasoconstrictors

These kinds of numbing creams are the most powerful numbing creams available in the market as they constrict the blood vessels and reduce the blood flow caused by bleeding or swelling. These creams have Epinephrine as the main ingredient and are capable of slowing down the absorption of other chemicals and extending the efficacy. These numbing products come in the form of sprays and gels.

Since the numbing creams have chemical agents, they should be used with caution, especially in the case of people who have skin sensitivity, allergies or some skin problems. To be sure that the cream will not induce any allergic reactions, a patch test should be done.


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