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Introduction Of Numbing Cream

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When we go to a beauty salon or plastic surgery hospital to do some beauty projects, the operator will usually apply numbing cream to us first, so that we will not feel so painful in the subsequent process. So do you know about the numbing cream?

Numbing cream works by blocking sodium channels in cells, so the painful nerves in the skin cannot send pain signals. Therefore, people cannot feel the pain. These creams can be used for aesthetics, minor surgery, tattoos, or other times when the skin may feel pain.

numbing cream

Because numbing cream makes the skin less sensitive to pain, it can be used in a variety of different applications, including:

Prepare area for minor surgery

Relieve local pain, such as tattoos or body piercing areas

Relieve severe itching, such as exposure to poison ivy and other irritants

Relieve the pain of dermatological surgery, such as dermabrasion, botulinum injection, filler injection and laser surgery

Minimize the pain during hair removals, such as waxing or laser hair removal

Relieve pain caused by minor skin injuries, rashes or sunburns etc.

If you are familiar with numbing creams, you may have heard of lidocaine, which is the active ingredient of most brands. Lidocaine is very effective and can quickly relieve pain. There are some other active ingredients in the skin numb cream, including: benzocaine, pramoxine, dibucaine, tetracaine, etc.

The above is some basic information about numbing cream. Tiera is a professional manufacturer of aesthetic products. We produce different concentrations of numbing cream for different therapeutic purposes, such as botox injection, dermal filling, thread lift, etc. . Our products have passed the safety certification, you can rest assured to buy our products for your aesthetic business.

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