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Different Uses For Dermal Fillers-Part Three

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We all know that dermal fillers are a great non-surgical form of aesthetic treatment, and in our previous article we covered some uses for dermal fillers, and today we will continue to introduce you to other uses.

1. Adding Volume to Hollowness Underneath the Eyes

Have you noticed that the area under your eyes appears more hollow over the years? This is due to the natural loss of collagen and elastin with age. This causes the skin to lose its volume and structure, resulting in a hollow. Since dermal fillers are so effective at restoring lost volume and plumping up the skin, they are a great option if you want to treat this hollow. Not only will fillers have an immediate effect, but the way they stimulate the skin's natural production of more collagen and elastin will help add volume to the area over the long term. Fillers also help improve dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and under-eye wrinkles

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2. Treating Aging Hands

The skin on your hands is thin, and this thinness increases with age. Compared to the skin on the face and other parts of the body, hands are more likely to age from exposure to a variety of environmental factors. This is why the skin on your hands is so prone to wrinkles and blemishes. While there are several treatments that can help with this, from laser peels to chemical peels, dermal fillers are the best way to restore skin's smoothness and firmness. They instantly restore volume to the hands and plump them up. This makes wrinkles, veins, tendons and bones less noticeable. Your dermatologist will know exactly where fillers need to be injected. After the injection is done, your dermatologist will massage these fillers into place. This ensures that the padding wraps around the contours of your hand and doesn't restrict your movement in any way. Because that has a big impact on the final result. If your filler is injected too deeply, the results will not last long. On the other hand, if they are injected too close to the surface of the skin, they can be easily seen and won't give you the natural effect you want.

3. Tightening Up the Earlobes

Over time, your earlobes may begin to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles may also appear. Dermal fillers will plump and tighten your earlobes, smoothing out any lines or creases. By restoring volume to your earlobes, any earrings you wear will also fit your face better. Of course, in order to maintain your results for as long as possible, you should still try to avoid wearing earrings that are too large or heavy. They are usually distributed around the entire earlobe, with an emphasis on areas where the skin is particularly thin or sagging. Only a small amount of filler is required to give you a natural look. If you apply too much, your ears will just look swollen.

One thing to keep in mind with dermal fillers is that they are reversible. If you're not satisfied with the results, your dermatologist can inject an antidote into your skin, which will then break down the ingredients in the filler, returning your skin to its original state.


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