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What You Need To Know About Double Chin Injections

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People are often distressed by excess fat under the chin. The good news is that there is a minimally invasive way to treat your double chin without the need for a knife. So what do you need to know before getting a double chin injection?

1. What is lipolysis injection?

The technical name for lipolysis injection is lipolysis injection. This is an FDA- and UK-approved, non-surgical technique that injects fluid into the fat layer of the skin to dissolve localized fat without surgery. Injectable lipolysis works by hydrolyzing the walls of fat cells, causing them to release their lipid components, which are then naturally excreted by the body through the lymphatic system. This technique is used in many areas of the body where stubborn fat pockets do not move. The double chin is a popular area that has given our patients excellent results.

2. Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

Anyone can have excess fat on their chin, so most people are good candidates for lipolysis injections in this area. In general, fat loss injections are not a great option for large areas of excess fat, but it is perfect for people who are at a healthy weight but have a little excess fat in a small area. If you want to remove more fat, non-surgical fat removal treatments are not the best option. If this is the case, you may need to look into surgery.

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3. Is lipolysis injection safe?

An additional safety benefit of lipolytic injections compared to surgical treatment is the absence of surgery or hospitalization. Surgical treatments such as liposuction or facelifts carry a greater risk of infection, have more pre- and post-treatment requirements and require longer recuperation times. Lipolysis injections are a non-invasive body contouring option that costs much less, so if you're a good candidate, it's more recommended to get lipolysis injections.

4. How many treatments do you need?

You may need multiple treatments to see the desired effect of double chin injections. Usually, two to four treatments are necessary, spaced four to six weeks apart. You will see results in 2-3 weeks and up to 6 weeks later. The results are permanent.

5. How long will the results last?

The removal of fat cells is permanent, but maintaining the fat loss after treatment is up to you. If you don't maintain it with a healthy diet and lifestyle, then you may also revert to the double chin you used to have.

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