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The Process Of Lipolysis Injection

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Lipolysis injection is a method of accurately positioning the fat layer with a fat locator, and injecting the lipolysis solution into the fat layer with a special lipolysis needle, so that the fat tissue is quickly dissolved and metabolized out of the body. Lipolysis injection is suitable for local weight loss in small areas, such as double chin, face, extremities and other parts, which can make up for small defects of facial obesity. Now let’s talk about the process of lipolysis injection.

Before treatment

Before treatment, you must consult with a professional who has obtained a special lipolysis injection program certification to ensure that your treatment will be safe.

During treatment

You need to receive the injection safely under the guidance of professional operators. This process usually takes less than an hour. The lipolysis solution is injected into the area where the excess fat is deposited, and the fat will be broken down within 2 weeks and released from the body through sweat, urine or feces.


After treatment

Although the lipolysis injection treatment is completely non-surgical, there may be some swelling and bruising at the injection site within a few days after the treatment. Most people increase the temperature of the treatment area after treatment and experience some discomfort within 24 hours after the injection. Some people may experience mild to moderate redness with tingling or itching. Although individuals can resume normal activities immediately after treatment, it is recommended to avoid any excessively strenuous activities within a few days after receiving the lipolysis injection.

The result

Fat loss can usually be seen two weeks after the lipolysis injection. However, studies have shown that two to three treatments are usually required to ensure the best results. For areas with larger fat deposits, additional treatment is needed to achieve the desired effect. In general, the total number of treatments required will be based on the individual's physical condition, fat structure and personal goals, etc.

Although studies have shown that the fat loss achieved by lipolysis injection therapy usually does not rebound, new weight gain will accumulate new fat in the same area. So a balanced diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are all you need.

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