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Is Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection Safe?

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When we choose to receive Botulinum toxin type A injection treatment, we always have such a worry, that is, is Botulinum toxin type A injection safe? This article can help you accurately understand the safety of this treatment. First of all, a very quick answer to this question is that Botulinum toxin type A injections are one of the safest non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and millions of people receive these injections every year. Of course, receiving this injection must be carried out under the guidance of a regular hospital and professionals.

First of all, we need to know that Botulinum toxin type A is a protein extracted from Clostridium botulinum. This protein or toxin is a neurotoxin, which means that it affects nerve tissue, and when it is used in small clinical therapeutic doses, it is a very safe treatment. Botulinum toxin type A also has different brands, for example, BOTULAX, INNOTOX and so on.

As we said before, Botulinum Toxin Type A injection is very safe, but we should also pay attention to some risks and try to avoid it.

BOTULAX injection (4)

1. The toxin is prepared in egg albumen and so is not suitable for anyone who has an allergy to eggs.

2. Botulinum Toxin Type A is a neurotoxin, meaning that it temporarily blocks the nerve function that innervates muscles and sweat glands. Due to this involvement of nerve tissue, anyone suffering from any motor neuron disease or neurological dysfunction syndrome, even if their function has been restored, they cannot receive this treatment.

3. There is a risk of bruising, just like any injection. We know that there is a huge network of capillaries in the skin, and these capillary networks may be damaged by needles, no matter how small the injection volume is. Therefore, bruises may occur with Botox injections, but bruises are not common and are usually small and can easily be covered by cosmetics.

4. Risk of infection. In order to prevent the risk of infection, the skin should be properly cleaned when receiving botulinum injection treatment, and the operator should follow the hand washing and disinfection procedures, and wear appropriate disposable gloves. At the same time, avoid injecting in areas with active skin infections, as this will increase the chance of infection spreading.

5. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should never receive Botox injections. Because it is a neurotoxin, although it is considered to be unable to pass through the placental barrier, you must never receive Botox treatment during pregnancy, and it will reach breast milk. Therefore, in both cases, Botox injections must be avoided.

The above are some safety-related issues regarding Botulinum Toxin Type A injections. As a professional manufacturer of aesthetic products, Tiera provides safe Botulinum Toxin Type A products for various clinics, hospitals, etc. We welcome your inquiry. 


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