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How to buy Aesthetic products online

Tiera Aesthetics has simplified the process of buying aethetic products online so you can easily order botox, dermal fillers, threads, saline, injectable lidocaine and other medical comsumpable devices from our website.

Step 1: Check the website to select the products you would like to buy.

Step 2: Write to us to inform the products and quantity you need, we will communicate with you about price and shipment cost and other order details to confirm the order.

Step 3: After order is confirmed, we will send invoice to you for you to make payment.

Step 4: After the payment is received, we will ship out the goods to your address. Tiera Biotechnology can ship by DHL, TNT, Fedex and UPS. After the parcel is sent out, we will update you the tracking number for you the track the parcel.