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How Long Can The Lipolysis Injection Last?

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What is lipolysis injection?

Lipolysis injection refers to the direct injection of various substances into the subcutaneous fat layer of the subcutaneous tissue. After the injection, the fat cells are destroyed and can no longer store or accumulate fat. At the same time, their fragments are metabolized and permanently removed from the body.

A question that many people who receive lipolysis injections are very concerned about is how long can the lipolysis injection last?


We know that fat is not freely stored in the body as fat molecules in tissues. Fat is stored in special cells called adipocytes, which absorb triglycerides from the blood and store them in the cell membrane. When fat is needed for energy or other body functions, fat cells can release their contents back into the blood. As adults, when we gain weight, the number of fat cells does not actually increase, but they change their size by storing more triglycerides, so they become larger. Similarly, when we lose weight, we do not reduce the number of fat cells, we just reduce their volume.

Lipolysis injection can destroy and break down fat cells. The damaged fat cells will not grow back and will disappear forever. Only the remaining fat cells in the treatment area can still store fat and increase volume, but this only happens when you gain weight.

In any case, fat will be redistributed among all fat cells in the body. Since there are fewer fat cells in the treatment area, the fat storage capacity is smaller, which will lead to long-term therapeutic effects. This means that once you achieve the desired results, unless your body weight and fat mass increase significantly, the effects of the treatment will last indefinitely.

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