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After-Care About Lip Filling

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Nowadays, many people have carried out lip filling procedures in order to have more perfect lips. Today we will tell you about the aftercare of lip filling. After the procedure, you should keep the following in mind.

• Since you might expect swelling, which is again something that can vary from person to person, be sure to apply a lot of ice during the day to minimize it.

• Some lip filler injections contain anesthetics, alongside the topical anesthetic which is applied on the lips themselves. With this in mind, you should expect some prolonged feeling of numbness in your mouth and tongue. However, don’t worry, it will pass an hour or two after the procedure.

• Avoid exercising 24 to 48 hours after the treatment. It causes your blood pressure level to elevate, which might lead to increased bruising and swelling. So, it is really important to stick to this advice.

• Drink lots of water – this is important for both pre and after-care. Water helps your body speed up the healing process. It also helps with ejecting all the toxins that might have built up in your body.

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• Eat healthily – of course, a healthy diet in the next couple of days is quite necessary. You need to take in as much fruit and vegetables as possible to help your body get into normal mode faster. In addition, eating fast and spicy food can cause trouble with your blood pressure.

• A high-temperature environment is also a no-no. This can worsen the swelling and bruising you might have. So, find a room that has proper air-conditioning and avoid overheating for the next two days. It goes without saying that saunas are off limits.

• If you are planning to get lip filler injections for a special occasion, plan ahead and schedule the treatment a week or two prior to the event.

• Lifting your pillow a bit could help quite a lot with the bruising and swelling. When lying straight, more blood flows to your head. Lifting it a bit could reduce the pressure and actually reduce the swelling. Definitely don’t sleep on your face during the recovery period. That could cause all kinds of problems for your lips.

• Stay away from makeup products for 24 hours after your treatment. They can cause different types of infections. So be sure not to put any and to keep the area properly cleaned.


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